Conversational Hypnosis Demonstration Video


By Scott Jansen, Conversational Hypnosis Academy. 

Get a glimpse of Scott Jansen and the Academy during their Strategic Hypnotic Interview seminar in Brisbane. This Conversational Hypnosis demonstration video will highlight some of the topics covered during this event.  
As you will see, Scott puts into place, the HOW, to question a problem a client has about anger.
As you will see during the demonstration the subtle unconscious moments that were a major teaching point of this seminar and training.
From hearing and seeing the unconscious moments, Scott directs the attention of this student into a trance, then while in trance teaches the class on how the trance came together and the specific tools Scott used in order to gain a deep and relaxing trance.
While on first glance of this conversational hypnosis demonstration video, it may seem very foreign to the classical conversational hypnosis methods used in the industry.
And this was the reason to conduct the demo in this way. To show and highlight a different and more powerful version of conversational hypnosis.
Watch without the use of scripts or set up, how Scott takes and directs the attention of his students ( which was on, the problem and anger itself) and reroutes it to the present and existing unconscious moments, which grows the trance to the point of eye closure and a hypnotic induction.
This is an important turning point for the class to see and hear how little needs to be done in order to get a trance that has a therapeutic undertone.
Towards the end of the session, you will hear the feedback from the student about how things look and feel different and the solutions our student will put into place in order to overcome the issue.
This is a full integration of unconscious moments in action and is a unique look at conversational hypnosis for Hypnotherapy.

About the Author:

Scott Jansen

Conversational Hypnosis Academy




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