Have You Tried Facebook Live?

By IICT Member Ginny West, Spirit in Business 

Want to go live? While the idea of going live on Facebook may feel like your worst nightmare (and let’s face it your breathtaking physical beauty will never be seen to full advantage), it is a great opportunity to let your tribe know who you are, why you are here and get a feel your gorgeous soul. 
With the ever evolving changes to Facebook algorithms narrowing down what your audience sees, videos, in particular going live, will see your reach expand again. I am also a huge believer that things evolve at particular times for a reason, and this is both a fantastic tool and a call from the universe to dig deeper into your purpose and get out there to help more people.
Whilst there is lots of information available about going live, it is well worth checking out Facebook’s own tips, because that is where you are going to get the best results. I have paraphrased them below and given you some practical examples of how you might use them to promote your wellbeing practice, products or service. So let’s dig in…
Tell your audience ahead of time when you will be broadcasting to build interest
Live videos will rank better on Facebook in the moment, so the more people you can get to watch you live, the better it is for your reach. Think about a time where your audience are more likely to be free to watch you live. You can check out your Facebook insights to find the time when your audience are most engaged too, but remember there is a big difference between them flicking through a news feed and having the time to watch a longer presentation. Promo your live feed on your facebook page in the week leading up by saying ‘Hey everyone I’m going #live on Monday evening from 6.30 – 7.30 to answer all your questions about our yoga teacher training program so be sure to tell your friends to tune in’ or ‘Hey everyone are you struggling to find your purpose? I’m going live this Saturday talking about the four essential steps to finding your purpose, with plenty of time for Q and A at the end’. You can send a note out in your newsletter, promote through other social media, blog, website and so on.
Make sure you have a strong connection for a better broadcast. 
Nothing is going to turn your audience off faster than a dodgy video or sound connection. So Facebook recommends either 4G or WiFi. If you have someone recording your wellbeing talk live at an expo or event, it may well be worth checking to see if they have WiFi in the building that you can use to support a stronger connection if you need it. Or if you plan to do a lot of out and about recording, like live wholefood cooking demos at markets, you may need to consider upgrading your phone or iPad.
Write an engaging description before you go live
An exciting description lets people know what’s going on, and why they should tune in when they see your live feed pop up in their newsfeed. If you are speaking directly about something that interests them, they’ll be all eyes and ears. ‘Want to hear the latest breakthroughs in meditation? We’re talking about them live right now’ or ‘Talking live now about the raw food revolution’.
Ask your audience to subscribe to your feed while you’re live.
When you are broadcasting live a subscribe button pops up on the screen. Ask your audience to subscribe, by pressing the button so they’ll get notifications of when you’re live in the future. ‘Hey everyone, if you want to hear more about how essential oils can be used for personal and spiritual growth, click on the subscribe button on your screen and you’ll get notified whenever I’m live.’ Of course you could always make a regular time slot for your live feed, but by subscribing your audience will get to hear any impromptu appearances you make at other events or on other subjects. Going live regularly will help build your audience.
Answer questions and use names wherever possible 
People can interact with you by typing questions that you can answer live on screen during your presentation. By using people’s names when answering these questions, you increase your sense of connection and intimacy with your audience. Although these can be a little hard to manage in the beginning, just create a little space for yourself by saying, okay everyone, I’m just going to look through a few of these questions and see what I can answer now. If I don’t get to yours, I’ll certainly have a look through them after the live broadcast and do my best to answer them.’ Forget vanity and get your glasses out if you need them. Feel free to ask questions of your audience too and read their responses so you can tailor them more efficiently. You may also like to speak first and ask everyone to save their questions for the end, sometimes too many distractions can take you way off topic and over time. By the same token if questions are not being answered people may tune out. Play around and see what works best. You can certainly ask people to let you know any questions they have on the subject ahead of time too when you’re promoting your upcoming live feed.
The longer you broadcast the more people you will attract 
You can talk for up to 90 minutes, but Facebook recommends talking for at least 10 minutes. If you are thinking about doing a longer broadcast I would definitely approach it as if you are giving an official talk. Give your audience plenty of notice about when you are going live, share with Facebook groups, put it in your newsletter, have a highly engaging subject, list of tools, Q and A time and a CTA (call to action) at the end. I would also be very clear about how long the broadcast is going to last, both in your promo and at the beginning of the talk, so your audience know what they are in for. Then respect their time and yours by keeping to those time limits. The key is to keep people engaged; if you start waffling they will switch off, but if you are specific and are running through a list of seven vital tools, they are unlikely to switch off when you’re only up to number three. Remember it’s a lot easier for people to press a button to end, than for them to get up out of their seat and leave a talk, so give them high level information to keep them engaged.
Exit Gracefully
Thank your audience for tuning in, let them know when your next broadcast will be and what it will be about. Wait until you hear the signal at the end of the broadcast, to be sure you’re ‘off air’ so no expletives or inappropriate comments pop out! A call to action in live streams is a great idea, but don’t make it too salesy. You can just invite people to subscribe to your live feed, check out your website or events coming up. As always the aim is to get your audience to know, like and trust you, to clarify your niche, impart valuable information that can changes lives, and allow you to live out your purpose.
Some Ideas for Your Wellbeing Practice
A video of yoga, pilates, dance or fitness moves, a discussion about spiritual philosophy, your morning spiritual ritual, how to create a vision board, meditation instruction, a wholefood cooking demo, new on the latest breakthrough in wellbeing, a wellbeing expo, a series on the best fresh food markets in your state, a straight up Q and A session, a social change seminar including speakers, highlights and your biggest takeaway, behind the scenes of your business, a beautiful kirtan performance, live feed from your workshop or event, client testimonials after your class or dance jam.
Get quirky, have fun and remember this doesn’t have to be serious or perfect. Chances are the first few are going to be awkward to downright hysterical. You can always delete them, and remember in a polished world, imperfect is a breath of fresh air. Practice a few times on the video on your phone, plan well and give it your best shot. And do it now, before it becomes something you have to pay for!
Try This
Think of your business, and your audience. Decide which times would be best to go live and try them out. List at least twenty ways you could use Facebook Live to let people know who you are and what you do. In it, you might just discover your deepest self.
Spirit in Business the book is launching on September 8th 2016! 
About the Author:
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